Sunday 19 May 2013

Report Back on SAIT's 4th National Tax Conference

Starting with a Gala Dinner on Tuesday 14th May and running until Friday afternoon 17th May 2013, the 4th National Tax Conference was abuzz with tax talk.

At the Gala dinner South African tax icons, Aubrey Silke and Dave Meyerowitz, were honoured with posthumous fellowship awards. In addition, Judge Dennis Davis, Professor Michael Katz and Professor Duncan Bentley were awarded honorary fellowships for their contribution to South African and international tax jurisprudence.
I accepted the Honorary Fellowship award on behalf of Professor Duncan Bentley
at the SAIT 4th National Tax  Conference in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Photograph via SAIT
The three days of the conference covered topics such as how to survive a tax audit, the new Tax Administration Act (TAA), SARS powers of recovery and my favourite topic, Taxpayers' Rights under the new TAA.
My mentor and colleague Professor Michael Katz accepting his Honorary Fellowship award
at the SAIT 4th National Tax  Conference in Sandton, Johannesburg
Photograph via SAIT
I also sat on a panel which included Judge Dennis Davies, Graham Walker (Altron) and Patrick Mawire (General Electric) - we discussed how to achieve a proper balance between Taxpayers' Rights and SARS' power.

The most important impression I was left with was that as the world's economies face more austerity measures, the more difficult it will become for revenue authorities, including SARS, to collect taxes. Thus, the importance of adequate tax administration procedures, the correct implementation of them and a concern for the rights of the taxpayer become ever more important.

Thank you to Stiaan Klue and the SAIT for an excellent and informative conference.

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