Tuesday 4 May 2010

NEWSFLASH: "Taxpayers' Rights in South Africa" published

The book based on my PhD thesis has been published. This is the culmination of an idea I first had in 1994 when reading the Constitution of the newly democratic South Africa. It's been a long road and I am pleased to finally see it in print.

About this Publication: "Taxpayers’ Rights in South Africa" is the only book available to deal with the interplay between South African constitutional and tax law. It evaluates how South African Revenue Services powers function in relation to taxpayers’ constitutional rights and thoroughly and systematically unpacks the rights to property, equality, privacy, access to information, just administrative action and access to courts. Based on personal experience and award-winning research, this work provides guidance on issues that perplex taxpayers, SARS officials and tax practitioners every day.

Tables of Cases and Statutes
The right to property
The right to equality
The right to privacy
Procedural rights
Protection of taxpayers' rights in selected foreign countries
Conclusion: The future of taxpayers’ rights in South Africa

Publication Reviews:  'This book is the first full-scale attempt to discuss the important topic of taxpayers’ rights in South Africa and will provide a worthy addition to our literature on South African tax law.' Judge I F Farlam – Retired Judge of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Appeal

'Croome’s book forms the basis of significant beneficial developments in the administration of South Africa’s tax laws. His recommendations are often controversial but will assist in informed decision making in an area that remains relatively unexplored in legal commentary.’ Prof. D Bentley – Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

'This work is of great significance in the context of South Africa’s tax jurisprudence. It provides a thoughtful summation of the way forward in this important new dimension of tax law.' Prof. R C Williams – Univ. of KwaZulu-Natal.

You can buy this book from JUTA'S LAW PUBLISHERS.
(ISBN 9780702182020)


  1. Well done on a fantastic achievement! It's been a hard slog, but you're finally reaping the rewards of your dedication and passion.


  2. Congratulations! Enjoy holding your book in your hands after dedicating so many years:) Breaking open a bottle of cyber champs!

  3. Congratulations from the marketing team team at Juta on your two new titles! We look forward to promoting your books and making sure we spread the message far and wide to all who can benefit from these books!

    Regards Wayne, Paula and the law publishing team at Juta

  4. Thank you for your good wishes, it is appreciated. To Judy, thanks for your encouragement on going for the PhD and then in converting my thesis into a book.
    Claire your comments are apprecaited and it is a special feeling seeing the book in print.
    I would like to thank Wayne, Paula, Chipo, Deoni and Deidre and their colleagues at Juta for the work they did on ensuring both books were published and in good time as well.


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